Couples and Family


Living Lighthouse offers couples and families’s counseling to all  regardless of age, race, sexually orientation, or background.

One of the goals for most couple and family counseling sessions is to build effective communication between all members. By examining and highlighting the unconscious dynamics, the conflicts become reduced. More awareness is usually achieved and the ground work is set for healthier functioning and happier relationships!


  • intimacy and trust-building
  • communication issues
  • premarital counseling
  • sexual or sexuality concerns
  • money issues
  • extended family issues
  • learning to express feelings the healthy way
  • feelings of anger and betrayal
  • managing a separation or divorce
  • parenting as a unit
  • dealing with infidelity


  • working through crisis
  • blended family issues, single parenting, co-parenting
  • aggression and behavior problems
  • spiritual or religious differences
  • setting boundaries
  • working through the stressors of everyday life
  • death
  • divorce
  • dealing with substance abuse in the family
  • commuication issues

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