Individual Counseling


Living Lighthouse Counseling is here to guide you in resolving the issues that brought you to counseling and to help you navigate your way to a fulfilling and happy life.

Below are some common issues / concerns often addressed in counseling.

  • Accepting & Managing Chronic Illness
  • Addiction Recovery
  • ADHD, ADD, & Concentration Issues
  • Adjusting to Life Transitions & Stages
  • Anger Identification and Anger Management
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Career Transitions and Academic Life Issues
  • Communication Skill Building & Assertiveness
  • Coping with Depression and other Mood Issues
  • Family Issues and Generational Concerns
  • General Life Management
  • Grief, Loss & Trauma Recovery
  • Identity Formation
  • Lack of Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Building
  • Multicultural & Diversity Issues
  • Non–traditional Relationship conflicts
  • Religion Issues & Belief Exploration
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Self-Doubt & Negative Thinking Patterns
  • Self-Perception and Personal Roles
  • Sexual Identity & Orientation
  • Substance Abuse Prevention

Please call for a consultation 808-652-9371 or email


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