Hawai’i Coastal Counseling

Individual, Couples, Family and Youth Adventures:  Hawai’i Coastal Counseling

Simply Sitting in Nature, Hiking or Snorkeling

Hawai’i Coastal Counseling:  Meaningful outdoor adventures that build self esteem, trust, cooperation, and problem solving to positively stimulate the heart and mind.

Hawai’i Coastal Counseling is a simple concept: Individuals or Families build teamwork skills while learning together on the beach and in the sea; snorkeling, swimming, exploring, and playing together. These experiences are discussed and considered in the counseling sessions in the office. We recommend this exciting, fun, and integral outdoor component to counseling – but it is not mandatory.

Coastal Counseling is based on a sliding range of involvement, from a simple coastal walk or snorkeling/swimming experience followed by a counseling session – to a long-term “project” that can involve anyone of any age and experience level and family. Each experience builds upon the next!  (Homeschool families welcome – please inquire about educational outreach programs that can complement counseling or as standalone classes.)


Exciting Marine TherapyField experiences are based on the successful Save Our Seas Hawaii program “Ocean Pulse”: a comprehensive study of coral reef ecology and the marine environment. Ocean Pulse was a successful, inspiring, hands-on program for students in grades K-12 with college interns on the Island of Kauai from 2001-2010 at Kula Intermediate and High School along with Kaua’i Pacific School and a few other local schools (if you live on Kaua’i – ask around! – we had some amazing experiences for MANY YEARS).

This field experience provides participants with valuable tools needed for carrying out on-going, “meaningful” experiences in their lives.  It is inspiring and informative along with being academically and physically rewarding.

We weave critical environmental issues together with counseling and field activities to stimulate interest and lead people toward thoughtful stewardship of natural resources. Our ocean and beaches become a “Living Classroom.” Participants learn a positive direction for friends and families to follow.

Participants focus on the importance of protecting reefs, how coral reefs interconnect with all species in the ocean, and crucial steps required to preserve our marine environment.  Topics and activities may include investigating the formation of the islands, photography and videography (on land and in the water), fish & turtle populations, coral reef monitoring, classifying native and introduced species, marine mammals, structure of corals, origins and distribution of species, reproduction, productivity, growth, and species interactions.

Participants learn ecological principles and how to build family ties and create confidence with ongoing unique outdoor experiences.

Services listed above are non-theraputic services offered as an adjunct to counseling services and are not covered by health insurance.


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