Special Education

We have an active learning philosophy and integrate outdoor environmental education for children with special education needs.  Our classroom is “out and about” on beautiful Kauai.  Individualized therapy and educational plans are designed to meet the needs of each client.  Our clients have moderate to serious communication and physical challenges and are “high energy”.
We achieve maximum engagement using motivating outdoor activities and keep bodies and minds active when hiking, snorkeling and exploring unique destinations.  We also can implement “cool” technology (like digital cameras) during activities that maximize physical fitness.
Children have an opportunity to understand and learn from a natural environment.  There is great potential for them to experience the relationship between self and the environment and the capability to remove classic, sometimes negative, classroom stimuli – replacing these with multiple stimuli conducive to learning.
Creative outdoor special education is all about bringing motivated kids to the task of navigating to their true selves.
Studies (Faber Taylor, Kuo, and Sullivan, 2001; Kuo & Faber Taylor, 2004) by researchers at the University of Illinois conclude that children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) show a greater ability to focus immediately after spending time in nature. The conclusion by these researchers is that that the greener a child’s everyday environment the more manageable their ADD symptoms (maybe“Nature Deficit Disorder”).

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